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Factinsect, the Automated Fact Checker

Factinsect compares articles from the web with selected quality media and is available as a plug-in for Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers.

Factinsect Checks Trustworthy Sources

Factinsect compares articles from the Internet with selected quality media. A simple traffic light system provides information about the credibility of online newspaper articles, blog posts and other information from the Web. Within seconds and at a glance. Factinsect helps to create a reliable collection of facts and information to ease online discussions and create a better social coexistence.

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Respectable Media conform to the Journalists' code of Ethics

Our trustworthy sources include media that abides to the Journalistic Code of Honor. It is part of the journalistic code of ethics to conduct research without outside influence, not to discriminate or denigrate anyone, and especially: to research thoroughly and comprehensively. Reliable information also comes from scientific institutions that are committed to the principles of scientific work: methodical, comprehensible, verifiable gain in knowledge.

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We Have Trust in the Knowledge of the Experts

We are convinced: If a large number of experts come to the same result independently of one another, then we can confidently consider these results reliable knowledge.

Comparing online ressouces with these very reliable sources will help you to better classify information from the Internet. If our reliable sources confirm the information, you can be confident that it is correct.

If we cannot find reliable sources to confirm your information, it means that the information is not validated. That may be because it is simply wrong. Or it may be that the information cannot be confirmed at this time. The information may contain both factual and misinformation. Anway, you should inform yourself further before accepting the content as correct.

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Artificial intelligence makes Content Comparable

Factinsect uses artificial intelligence to make the meaning of written online content comparable.

This is how Factinsect's automated fact-check works

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While you are reading a news item on the Internet (e.g. a newspaper article or blog post), Factinsect compares the content with news from selected sources. These sources are quality media that have committed themselves to the journalistic code of honor and also adhere to it.

The result appears within a few seconds: Green means that the content is essentially confirmed by high-quality media. Red means: The statement is refuted or partially refuted by other sources. Gray means: We could not find other sources to compare. This may be because it is an exclusive story or the information is so new that there are no other news articles yet.

In the case of red or grey, you should continue to inform yourself about the content of the article, for example in quality and specialist media or try to talk to an expert.

If you are interested in further information, you can click on the plug-in and see which parts of the text are confirmed and which are not.

Sponsors and Partners

Logo Science Park Graz - the high Tech Incubator

Factinsect is supported in the academic start-up center Science Park Graz GmbH and funded as part of the AplusB scale-up program.

Media Futures Logo

Factinsect is part of the MediaFutures project.

Logo of the European Union

This project has received funding from the European Union’s framework Horizon 2020 for research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 951962.

Logo Google

Factinsect is part of the Google Cloud Startup Program.

Logo Amazon Web Services

Factinsect is part of the AWS Activate program

Logo FFG

Factinsect is funded by the österreichischen Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

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