Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers on various topics relating to Factinsect.

What is Factinsect?

Factinsect is a fully automated, highly transparent, fact check that yields results within seconds.

The artificial intelligence developed and specially trained by IT mastermind Romana Dorfer recognizes whether statements confirm each other, contradict each other, or whether there is no connection.

The Factinsect AI compares texts from the Internet with selected media. Social networks, content creators, and other companies use Factinsect for fact checks, content comparisons, or brand safety.

What are the technical requirements for using Factinsect?

Send us an e-mail to office @ to get API access for integrating Factinsect into your system.

To try Factinsect get the freemium browser Plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, or Edge desktop browser by following this link.

How do you determine if a source is trustworthy?

The minimum requirement is that the medium adheres to the journalistic code of honor. This means, among other things, that journalists do their research precisely and thoroughly, there is a clear distinction between opinion and report, journalists work without external influence, and there is no discrimination or general denigration in media articles.

How does Factinsect determine whether information is true or false?

Factinsect compares information from the Internet with selected quality sources. The Factinsect AI recognizes whether statements confirm or contradict each other. This gives a clear indication of the credibility of the information.

How accurate is Factinsect?

When comparing content with content from other media sites, the precision is currently 88%. This means: When evaluating a statement as "confirmed" - "no result" - "refuted", this evaluation is correct with an 88 percent probability.

Does Factinsect censor information or media?

No. Factinsect gives an indication of the credibility of information.

Is Factinsect also available for companies and schools?

Yes! If you are interested, please contact office @ We are happy to tell you everything you need to know about integrating and using Factinsect!

How much does it cost to use Factinsect?

The Factinsect desktop browser plug-in is free to try. Download it on For API access, please contact office @!

How does Factinsect tell me whether information is confirmed or not?

After installing the browser plug-in, a small Factinsect icon appears at the top next to the address line in your browser. If you want an article (e.g. newspaper article, blog post, etc.) to be checked, click the Factinsect symbol. The result appears after a few seconds. Green means: Confirmed. Orange means: refuted, grey means: no result (preliminary).

Result display can be different with API integration.

How can I report errors in the fact check with Factinsect?

You can report errors directly in Factinsect. Or send us your questions or remarks via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) or office @! We appreciate your feedback, it helps us make the software even better.

How about transparency and independence?

Factinsect is a perfect tool for a quick fact check. The path to the result is highly transparent: Factinsect shows which text sections have been confirmed or refuted by which reference media.

Transparency, non-partisanship, and independence are our main principles:

  • We live news democracy and treat all information the same way.
  • We do not cencor, we point out differences.
  • We help readers to better classify information.
  • We respect the EU ethics guidelines for artificial intelligence.
  • We respect privacy.
  • The fact check is highly transparent.
  • We are impartial and independent.
In which languages is Factinsect available?

Factinsect is currently available in German for Austrian media. The English version is a prototype with limited validity and accuracy.

What about data protection?

We take data protection seriously. Please read our policy!

Does artificial intelligence stop people from using their mind?

No. Artificial intelligence has a huge potential to influence people's lives. This is why Factinsect adheres to the EU's ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence. Among other things, this means that artificial intelligence must be human-oriented, it must take into account consequences for people and a greater good, it must particularly take into account the needs of vulnerable people (children, the elderly, minorities, people with disabilities), it takes into account unequal distribution of power and information, it is non-discriminatory, respects privacy and is technically robust.

Factinsect's AI gives users a strong indication on the credibility of the information they read online.

How does Factisect contribute to making the world a better place?

Factinsect helps us come back to a common fact base, which is a strong foundation for a peaceful coexistence and a future to look forward to.