About us

Factinsect-Team: The people who are trying to make this world a better place.

Factinsect are the two founders DI Romana Dorfer and Mag. Silja Kempinger. Academic mentor is Dott. Dott. mag. Andi Rexha, until recently Associate Researcher at TU Graz at the Knowledge Management Institute, now Software Devoloper at eMurmur. The business mentor is Mag. Julia Kaufmann, MA, who was Head of Marketing at Herzberg Consulting and is now Senior Consultant Employee Experience & Communications at ACP Business Applications.

The company is based at Science Park Graz, where Factinsect is incubated.

Working together on a big idea

We encourage personal responsibility and creativity in our entire team. We live an open culture of discussion and clear communication. We support our employees in their daily work.

Factinsect is an enjoyable place to work, create and collaborate.

Romana Dorfer

Romana Dorfer

Romana Dorfer Co-Founder, Managing Director and Developer. Her passions: software development, machine learning, electrical engineering.

Silja Kempinger

Silja Kempinger

Silja Kempinger is co-founder and responsible for marketing and PR. Her passions: media literacy, communication, advertising ...


False news have the potential to divide society. We want to help regain common factual basis for a constructive and peaceful coexistence. This idea lead to the technology for comparing text content. Comparing content can be used for fact checking, information comparison or for classifying information.

- We live "news democracy" and treat information the same way.
- We do not censor, we show differences.
- We help readers to better classify information.
- We follow the EU ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence.
- We respect privacy and ensure transparency.
- In everything we do, we ensure inclusion and non-discrimination based on gender, disability, religion, origin, etc.

Be a better place. Make the world a better place.


This is what everyday work life looks like at Factinsect.

Silja Kempinger and Romana Dorfer in front of Factinsect's Headquarter in the Medical Engineering Building
Factinsect's Romana Dorfer is having a well-deserved pizza and beer after a hard day's work.
Founder and CEO Romana Dorfer at her desk in the Factinsect Headquarters
Factinsect CMO Silja Kempinger, Science Park CEO Martin Mössler, Factinsect-CEO Romana Dorfer
Factinsect homeoffice dog Fiffi out for a walk.