Factinsect elected "Company of the Month"

Fans vote for Factchecker in tough online competition

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Each month, Styria's public funding agency SFG (Steirische Wirtschaftsförderungs-Gesellschaft) calls for its fans and users to elect the "Company of the Month" amongst the companies that received public funding from them. In July, it was Factinsect's turn.

The competition was seriously tough. The young startup had to compete with Brauunion (owned by Heineken from the Netherlands), a major European player when it comes to beer and other beverages.

Yet, the underdog prevailed and it was Factinsect that got the title of "Company of the Month".

Thanks to all our loyal fans who voted for us!

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Silja Kempinger
Co-Founder von Factinsect

7/21/2022, 9:11:38 AM