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Factinsect for your business

Factinsect is a fully automated, transparent, independent fact check that checks the credibility of information from the internet within seconds. The technology behind Factinsect it is a highly developed artificial intelligence specially trained by us. It recognizes whether statements refute each other, confirm each other or whether there is no connection.

As a browser plug-in for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge desktop browsers, you can test Factinsect as a freemium version for free. Simply start the download from your desktop browser using this link:

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Media Houses and Social Media Networks

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Brand safety for your successful media business

Content created by professional journalists is usually of high quality. However, users who post or comment usually don`t have the necessary skills for solid research, nor are they bound by journalistic standards. Therefore, user-generated content comes in very different levels of quality.

Both readers and advertising customers expect a high-quality, inspiring environment with reliable information. By providing quality context, advertisers will accept higher prices and you can create a long-term customer relationship. Major brands do not accept false information as an environment for their online ads. With Factinsect we give you a tool that lets you significantly increase the quality of your offer - for example by giving Factinsect-checked comments and postings more visibility.

Who: media companies, social networks

Goal: credibility, a high-quality environment for readers and advertisers; brand safety

Journalists, Media Houses, PR agencies, Content Creator


Journalism and content creator: research tool for a quick fact check

Journalism is a profession that requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and finesse - and also a lot of time. With Factinsect, journalists and content creators are provided with a fully automated software tool that carries out a comprehensive fact check on any topic within a few seconds.

Who: Journalists, media houses, PR agencies, content creators

Goal: A quick fact check, basic research

Schools, Educational Institutions, Public Administration

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Media literacy for educational institutions through certified AI tool

False reports have the potential to severely disrupt our social fabric. That is why the importance of media literacy just keeps rising. Factinsect is a software based on artificial intelligence that makes an important contribution to increasing media literacy. The tool compares content from the Internet with selected quality media. Within a few seconds, users receive a clear indication of the credibility of the information they are currently reading on the Internet. Ideal for giving students, employees, and visitors essential help in classifying information in schools, libraries, or other educational institutions.

Officially recommended for schools, administrations, public institutions

After a strict selection process, Factinsect was presented and recommended as an innovation suitable for administration on the innovation platform IÖB of the Federal Procurement GmbH:

Who: Schools, educational institutions, public administration

Goal: More media competence, common fact base, peaceful coexistence

Corporations, HR Departments

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Media competence for a constructive cooperation and more productivity

Classic conspiracy theories such as flat earth and chemtrails, false information on health issues or political events - fake news can lead to uncertainty, unrest, and unnecessary discrepancies in the company - and thus affect the working atmosphere and productivity.

Factinsect can make a decisive contribution to restoring a common basis of facts - for constructive cooperation!

Who: companies, HR departments

Goal: Constructive cooperation, better working atmosphere

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After a strict selection process, Factinsect was recommended as an innovation highly suitable for administration on the innovation platform IÖB of the Federal Procurement GmbH.