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No installation required - companies get API

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Interested in a Factinsect fact check? You can now use it directly on - easily, without installation.

Factinsect is a sophisticated software based on artificial intelligence that makes text content comparable. You can use it for classic fact checks as well as journalistic or specialist research.

Transparent, results within seconds

For the classic fact check, you can still use the Factinsect browser plug-in for Chrome, Firefox and Edge desktop browsers. In addition, the fact is now also available directly on the homepage

If you want to review a questionable online article, just copy and paste the link into the input box on the Factinsect homepage. Factinsect compares the most important statements of the article with selected quality media that adhere to the journalistic code of honor. The result appears within a few seconds: a clear indication of the credibility of the information you are checking.

The fact check with Factinsect is highly transparent: you can see exactly which text sections have been confirmed or refuted by which reference media (English version is a prototype with limited validity - German version: 88% accuracy).

Companies get API

While individual users use the browser plug-in or the fact check on the homepage, companies integrate Factinsect directly into their systems via API. Social media platforms and news aggregators use Factinsect to offer readers and advertisers a high-quality environment (“brand safety”) or to moderate user-generated content (comments, postings, etc.).

For companies, we adapt the database of reference media individually, e.g. with relevant specialist media or our own archive.

If you are interested in using or integrating Factinsect in your company, simply send an email to!

Our mission: a better world

Misinformation and disinformation have the potential to cause unrest, endanger democracy and peace. Get Factinsect now and be part of the Factinsect story!

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Silja Kempinger
Co-Founder von Factinsect

9/2/2022, 9:42:32 AM