This sophisticated system is hidden behind the catchphrase "fact check using AI".

Factinsect's artificial intelligence knows the difference between confirming and contradictory claims

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Hiding behind the catchphrase "fact check using AI" there is a highly developed artificial intelligence. It recognizes whether two statements contradict or confirm each other. With the use of artificial intelligence, Factinsect can check an enormous number of claims for their credibility without a specially researched fact database and without its own fact-checkers. Plus: a fact check only takes a few seconds.

We won’t be able to tell you right here and now how our artificial intelligence knows, which claims it should check, how to recognize confirming and contradictory claims (sorry, operational secret!) In any case, it takes a hell of a lot of knowledge and experience to develop such a system – which our Head of Technology, Romana Dorfer, clearly has. She has many years of experience as a software developer and is a recognized professional in the field of artificial intelligence.

There are no fact checkers working at Factinsect!

There are no fact checkers or editors working at Factinsect. When users perform a fact check with Factinsect, our tool compares this content with the content of selected quality media. These adhere to the journalistic code of honor. This means that they work thoroughly and conscientiously, independently, distinguish between opinion and report, respect personal rights, correct mistakes and much more (see also "Quality journalism adheres to the journalistic code of honor"). Due to this way of working, content from quality media has very high credibility and is a very good reference for fact checks.

Happy Fact-Checking with Factinsect!

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Silja Kempinger
Co-Founder von Factinsect

5/11/2022, 3:39:46 PM