Websummit learnings: High demand for factchecking solutions

Factinsect exhibits at Europe’s biggest tech conference and fair

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Websummit is the place to be for innovators, tech companies, and individuals who shape the future. With about 70.000 attendees, it’s Europe’s biggest tech conference. For three highly intense days, we Factinsects mingled with the crowd, spent a lot of time listening and learning, and told the world about the Factinsect technology: A unique and superior AI system that can compare text content – even if the wording is different. It can not only be used for fact checking, but also at a highly advanced search engine in knowledge management.

Our biggest learnings from talking to people from software development, media, management, public relations, content creation, and many other fields at websummit:

  • News aggregators are actively seeking a way to offer their readers a quick and easy fact check.
  • Automated copywriting for blogging, SEO, PR, and other uses is massively on the rise. Automated copywriting services need a fact check for their AI-generated text content.
  • Quality media spend a lot of time and effort in securing highest standards. Media houses seek automated support in doublechecking their content before publishing.
  • Advertisers flee from social media platforms if the quality of (user generated) content gets too low. Brand safety is a major topic for all national and international brands.

These are all use cases for which the Factinsect technology offers a perfect solution. Get in contact with us to get the Factinsect API (romana.dorfer @ factinsect.com) or try out the Factinsect end-user solution:

  • Download the browser plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge desktop browser here!
  • Or try the fact check directly on our homepage!
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Silja Kempinger
Co-Founder von Factinsect

11/8/2022, 9:54:25 AM